Falstaff & the Endless Machine

Cast: 1–12
Genre: dark comedy, fable/folktale, period, tragedy

A young Jack Falstaff is eager to join the king’s service in order to being his journey toward being a knight. But when he is ordered by the local sheriff to pursue “justice” as defined by him, Jack finds himself at odds with his friends at the Boarshead Tavern and with himself. An exploration of how Falstaff fell from early promise and grace to the the lying, drunken coward we meet in Henry IV Parts 1 & 2.


American Carnage

Cast: 1–4
Genre: comedy, dark comedy, political, satire

Two congressional staffers (both oddly named Mark) are sent scrambling when their boss, the Senator, states in a public press conference, that he has people of color on his staff, when, in fact, he doesn’t. Moreover, that he will produce said staffers for public interview by the end of day. The Marks poach a staffer from another office, named Michelle, and draft her into working for the Senator. Michelle has them over a barrel, however, and she knows it. She begins to implement policy changes to the Senator’s agenda without his approval or knowledge, banking on public support to carry her through. Whether or not those changes stick is another matter entirely. Taking course over one day, American Carnage is a comedy about guerrilla politics of both the best and worst kind.


Voyager One

Cast: 3
Genre: drama, fable/folktale, science fiction

In the far future- a discovery is made which upends everything humanity has been led to believe while in the 1970s, a pair of researchers on the Voyager One Golden Record project find themselves debating the very role humanity has to play in the universe. All while Chuck Berry sings "go Johnny, go"...


Child of Lions

Cast: 1–3
Genre: adventure, drama, fable/folktale, fantasy

An American reporter, hearing a story that seems more folktale than fact, heads to Ethiopia to investigate its veracity. Upon arriving, he encounters things he did not expect, forcing him to face his past and embrace a future he can never be sure of. And there are, indeed, lions.


Pontiff Blues, or, the Smoke Break

Cast: 1–2
Genre: comedy, parody/spoof, satire

Two members of the Swiss Guard, a rookie and a vet, have drawn the dull duty of guarding the door during the Papal Conclave. To pass the time, they start trading stories. And then the rookie learns a secret which could rock the world to its knees.


The Cannibal of Ajax, the Football Trilogy Part II

Cast: 2–4
Genre: comedy, farce, satire

After noted Uruguayan striker, Luis Suarez, bites another player during a match, a rash of biting breaks out amongst the youth soccer leagues of England. Two mothers from different backgrounds unite to do something to stop this purge and end embroiled in something far greater.


Noli Timere (Don't Be Afraid)

Cast: 1–3
Genre: fable/folktale, horror

A new priest and his sister are made to confront something from their past that neither is expecting when a a strange man knocks on the door of the rectory late one night.


The Hand of Gaul

Cast: 4–6
Genre: comedy, farce, satire

3 dim-witted Irishmen seek revenge Ireland is knocked out of the 2010 World Cup by an unchecked foul from French star, Thierry Henry.